The charm of San Francisco | Golden Gate Cruises Bike Tours and More

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This travel through the heart of San Francisco with these exceptional and uniquely curated experiences.

From thrilling cruises to picturesque bike tours, there's something for every adventurer seeking to uncover the beauty of the iconic Golden Gate City.

San Fransisco Golden Gate Bay Cruise:

A narrated cruise that unveils the breathtaking wonders of San Francisco Bay. Marvel at the historic Alcatraz, the charming Angel Island State Park, and sail beneath the majestic Golden Gate Bridge.

Whether you choose to soak in the sights from the comfort of the boat or on the open deck, this one-hour escapade promises an unforgettable experience.

Dawn or The dusk hour Cruise in San Francisco Bay:

Bypass the queues and head straight to the gate for an enchanting sunset cruise across San Francisco Bay.

Witness the city skyline aglow, the Golden Gate Bridge bathed in the warm hues of twilight, and the captivating Alcatraz Island. Let the background music set the perfect tone for relaxation as you savor this 90-minute journey.

San Francisco Bay Sailing Cruise:

Feel the sea breeze on your face as you embark on a sailing adventure across San Francisco Bay.

Glide past the legendary Golden Gate Bridge, the historic Alcatraz Island, and the charming town of Sausalito.

This 90-minute sailing cruise promises unparalleled views of the city skyline and legendary locations, generating lifelong memories.

Golden Gate Bridge Guided Bicycle Tour:

Pedal your way across the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge on a guided bike tour. Explore Fisherman’s Wharf, Marina Green, and Crissy Field as you capture stunning photos of the bridge and the bay.

Conclude your three-hour tour in Sausalito, where you can continue your biking adventure or opt for a leisurely return via ferry.

Within Alcatraz and Bay Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge:

Combine two must-see experiences with a single ticket, offering a self-guided audio tour of Alcatraz and a scenic boat cruise beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

Explore the infamous Alcatraz Island at your own pace, then set sail to spot marine wildlife in the natural beauty of San Francisco Bay during this three-hour adventure.

A Bay Cruise and San Francisco City Adventure:

The wonders of San Francisco with a city tour coupled with a bay cruise adventure.

The city's treasures, from iconic landmarks to hidden gems, as you traverse the streets in a luxury vehicle. This experience ensures a personalized and unforgettable journey through the City by the Bay.

Each of these experiences promises a unique perspective of San Francisco, allowing you to create memories that transcend the ordinary.

So, whether you're sailing into the sunset or pedaling across the Golden Gate Bridge, the magic of San Francisco awaits.

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