Haunted SF | A Chilling Journey of Ghost Hunting, True Crime, and Mystery

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11 months ago

The darker side of San Francisco on our spine-chilling Haunted SF Ghost-Hunting Tour.

Equipped with a provided, personal EMF detector, you'll venture into haunted alleys, neighborhoods, and street corners, embarking on an eerie journey filled with ghostly encounters and unsettling stories. 

But beware, it's not just ghosts that haunt this city; our ghost-hunter guide will reveal the scariest secrets and tales that have haunted San Francisco for generations.

As the night falls, we'll begin our exploration of the city's ghostly history.

Follow our expert guide through its dimly lit streets as they recount chilling stories from the Gold Rush era to more recent unexplained deaths and paranormal activity. 

The use of the EMF detector will add to the suspense as we check for any signs of paranormal activity in the haunted locations we visit.

This unique, all-ages way to experience San Francisco at night offers a fresh perspective on the city's haunted past.

Feel the shivers down your spine as you uncover its secrets, and witness the eeriness of San Francisco come alive in front of your eyes.

We'll meet at the Transamerica Pyramid, where buried bodies and ships lie beneath the ground, creating an atmosphere ripe for ghostly encounters.

Throughout the tour, our guides will share their knowledge and expertise, making this an educational and thrilling experience for all.

The tour concludes in Chinatown, just 3.5 blocks away from where we began.

Afterward, we recommend a visit to the historic dive bar, Li Po Lounge, famous for its deadly Chinese mai tais—a perfect ending to a night filled with ghostly tales.

Please note that this tour is not recommended for children age 10 and under.

The experience is wheelchair accessible, and most travelers can participate in this unforgettable adventure.

Don't miss the chance to explore San Francisco's hidden hauntings and uncover the city's chilling history on our Haunted SF Ghost-Hunting Tour.

Book now and be prepared for a night of thrills, mysteries, and encounters with the unknown.

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