Sip Serenity with our Himalayan Green Tea | A Delightful Blend of Purity and Sustainability

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In the bustling world we navigate daily, finding moments of tranquility is a rare luxury. Enter VAHDAM India's Himalayan Green Tea, a masterpiece that transcends the ordinary, delivering not just a cup but an experience harvested from the misty slopes of the Himalayas.

Himalayan Green Tea

With 100 pyramid tea bags in each pack, VAHDAM's Himalayan Green Tea promises a smooth, sweet, and succulent journey with every sip.

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VAHDAM, Organic Green Tea Leaves From Himalayas

The medium caffeine content makes it an ideal companion anytime, offering the perfect balance for those seeking a serene escape. 

The purity of the Himalayas is encapsulated in each tea bag, inviting you to savor the crisp, clean taste that comes alive without the addition of milk.

Full-Flavor Profile in Every Pyramid

Dive into the intricacy of flavors with 30 sturdy pyramid-shaped tea bags that allow the tea leaves to unfurl gracefully.

The result? A fuller flavor profile that tantalizes your senses and delivers an aromatic cup of tea.

Individually packed for freshness, these tea bags not only promise gluten-free and non-GMO goodness but also a commitment to real ingredients that make each sip memorable.

A Brand with a Billion Dreams

VAHDAM India stands tall as one of the country's largest digitally native, global brands, reaching over 3 million customers across 130+ countries.

This brand isn't just about tea; it's a manifestation of dreams, aiming to bring India's finest teas, brew ware, spices, and herbs to homes worldwide. 

The commitment is not just to products but to people and the planet.

Ethical, Direct, and Fair-Trade

What sets VAHDAM apart is its innovative supply chain model, ensuring you enjoy the freshest cup of tea while ensuring fair compensation for the farmers.

1% of the revenue contributes to the education of tea growers' children through the social initiative, Teach Me. It's a brand that goes beyond the product, honoring aspirations and making a positive impact.

Care for People & Planet

In a world rife with environmental concerns, VAHDAM India takes a stand. Proudly carbon-neutral and a plastic-neutral brand, every aspect of their footprint is measured and offset through investments in environmental sustainability initiatives in India.

Your sip of Himalayan Green Tea becomes a deliberate decision-making, promoting a better environment.

In conclusion, VAHDAM India's Himalayan Green Tea isn't just a beverage; it's a journey to serenity, a commitment to ethical practices, and a contribution to a sustainable future.

Embrace the blend that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also warms your heart with every mindful sip.

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