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For wildlife enthusiasts, this cruise is a dream come true. Set sail to the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and witness the playful sea lions, penguins, and dolphins' antics.

The hour-long journey immerses you in the rich sea life of the region, accompanied by the possibility of encountering pelicans and other Australian birds.

Conclude the experience with a captivating penguin feeding show, creating memories of a maritime wonderland.

Swan Valley River Cruise and Wine Tasting: A Vinous Voyage

A vinous journey through Western Australia's oldest wine region on this full-day tour of the Swan Valley.

Cruise down the Swan River, relishing the views of the Perth skyline, and indulge in morning tea. 

Explore local wineries, savor tastings, tour a brewery, and enjoy a set menu lunch amid the vineyards.

Delight your senses with chocolate and liqueur tastings, crafting a day of wine appreciation against the backdrop of scenic beauty.

Round-Trip Ferry from Perth to Rottnest Island: A Day in Paradise

Discover paradise on Rottnest Island with a round-trip ferry from either Perth or Fremantle.

The serenity of this car-free haven, where pristine beaches, turquoise bays, and the quest for quokkas await. Spend your day snorkeling, biking, or simply basking in the natural beauty that defines the island.

The return ferry ensures a seamless retreat from this island utopia, leaving you with memories of a day well spent.

Margaret River, Caves, Wine, and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse Tour: A Journey into the Southwest

The southwestern wonders on this full-day tour to the Margaret River winemaking region from Perth.

Visit the iconic Busselton Jetty, witness the meeting of the Indian and Southern Oceans at Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, and indulge in a brewery lunch.

The ancient formations of Mammoth Cave, creating a day of diverse experiences amidst the natural beauty of Margaret River.

 Pink Lake and Kalbarri Tour: A Coastal Trend

A two-day coastal odyssey along Western Australia's coral coast, exploring Pink Lake and Kalbarri.

The vibrant hues of Pink Lake and savor a meal featuring the renowned WA rock lobster. 

This tour offers a glimpse into the coastal treasures, blending scenic beauty with culinary delights, making it a unique and memorable journey.

Peak Desert Moonlight and sunset Seeing the stars: A Celestial Adventure

 Experience the Pinnacle Desert in all its glory as the sun sets, casting a warm glow over the limestone formations.

Venture to Yanchep National Park, witness the sunset over the Indian Ocean, and retreat into the night for a stargazing spectacle.

The combination of natural wonders and celestial beauty creates an enchanting tour that transcends the boundaries of time.

Wave Rock, York, Wildflowers, and Aboriginal Cultural Day Tour: An Exploration of Nature and Culture

From the unique formations of Wave Rock to the historic town of York, this day tour immerses you in the natural wonders and Aboriginal culture of Western Australia.

Encounter wildflowers during the spring months, explore Mulka's Cave, and enjoy tea in a quaint country town.

A holistic exploration, blending geological marvels with the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

Swan Valley Gourmet Wine Cruise from Perth: A Culinary Extravaganza

Cruise through the Swan River Valley on a gourmet wine cruise that tantalizes your taste buds and captures the essence of Perth's scenic beauty.

Enjoy morning and afternoon tea as you glide along the river, followed by wine tastings on board.

Visit Sandalford Winery for a cinematic tour and indulge in a grazing table lunch.

The return cruise is adorned with live entertainment, creating a day of culinary indulgence against the backdrop of Western Australia's picturesque landscapes.

Sea Kayaking Experience on the Penguin and Seal Islands : A Marine Trend

A sea kayaking adventure in Perth's Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, home to little penguins and Australian sea lions.

Paddle from the mainland to Seal Island and Penguin Island, where guided walks and a picnic lunch await. 

During the summer months, snorkel around sheltered coral reefs, adding an aquatic dimension to your exploration of this marine wonderland.

Swan Valley Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Inc Afternoon Cruise to Perth

Savor the flavors of the Swan Valley on this half-day tour, where wine, cheese, and chocolate take center stage.

Cruise along the Swan River, enjoying morning tea, and explore boutique wineries for tastings.

Unwind at the Margaret River Chocolate Company, indulging in sweet delights.

Conclude the day with an afternoon cruise back to Perth, allowing the symphony of flavors to linger as you journey along the river.

Margaret River 3 Day Escape: A Retreat into Luxury

Relinquish control and let us guide you through a three-day escape to the Margaret River region, where luxury meets exploration. Settle into 4-star accommodations for two nights, with breakfasts and lunches included. 

Explore wineries, art galleries, produce markets, caves, and lighthouses, weaving a trend of experiences against the backdrop of Margaret River's natural beauty.

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