Exploring Lady Liberty | Comprehensive Tour of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

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7 months ago

The Beauty of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty stands tall, an enduring symbol of freedom and the American dream. 

This comprehensive tour invites you to travel into the rich history of Lady Liberty and the poignant stories of immigrants who passed through Ellis Island. 

Offering flexibility and convenience, it lets you shape your experience, choosing the duration of your visit to each iconic attraction.

A Guided Journey Through Liberty and Ellis Island : Historic Castle Clinton

Your journey at historic Castle Clinton in Battery Park a fitting starting point for an exploration of the city's maritime history.

The guided tour takes you through the significance of this site, setting the stage for the maritime adventure that awaits.

Comprehensive Option:

A guided tour covering both Liberty and Ellis Islands. Delve into the narratives of Lady Liberty's construction, symbolism, and the immigrants who sought refuge in the United States.

Explore the halls of Ellis Island, where millions embarked on their American journey.

Quicker Options for Time-Efficient Exploration : Liberty-Only or Audioguide Options:

For those pressed for time, choose quicker options.

A guide for Liberty Island only or an audioguide for both Liberty and Ellis Islands allows for a more time-efficient exploration, ensuring you still capture the essence of these iconic landmarks.

Stress-Free Experience with Inclusions : Round-Trip Ferry Tickets and Museum Admission:

Say goodbye to ticketing hassles as round-trip ferry tickets and museum admission are included in your tour.

In the minute you arrive, you will have a smooth experience step onto the boat, allowing you to focus on the captivating history unfolding before you.

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